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Wagerr Issuance Update

Wagerr Issuance Update

✅ Wagerr Withdrawal on Waves update ✅

Genuine Wagerr tokens have a check mark indicating verification

The Wagerr Team has created and verified the Wagerr asset token with Waves!

The Waves network proved to be an extraordinary match with the needs of the Wagerr community compared to other asset token issuance blockchains because it features a built in exchange, fiat gateway, fast and reliable transfers, and lightweight, user friendly wallets on all devices. We are excited to issue intermediary Wagerr tokens on this groundbreaking platform.

Only Trade Verified Tokens
You will know that the Wagerr token is authentic when your Waves client shows a green check mark ✅ next to the token name “Wagerr” with the official token ID 8t8DMJFQu5GEhvAetiA8aHa3yPjxLj54sBnZsjnJ5dsw.

The “verified” status will reflect in all Waves wallets, pending a Waves system update which propagates the verification across the Waves network. Only after this verified status displays in all wallets will Wagerr tokens be available to withdraw to personal Waves wallets.

Verification is a precautionary step the Wagerr team is taking for the security of ICO participants, potential new investors, and the community.

Round bonuses and bounties
Round bonuses will be credited to accounts within the next 24 hours. Bounty coins will be handled shortly after.

We’ll be sending out an email with detailed instructions for accessing your Wagerr tokens over Waves as soon as they are available for withdrawal.

Stay tuned!
The Wagerr Team