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Wagerr Lotto Promo Week 1

Wagerr blockchain drew 1st winning lottery ticket. Through an ongoing promo, Wagerr juiced the jackpot by 25,000 WGR (a full Masternode worth!). Play next week. Wagerr matches up to 250 more tickets.

Wagerr Lotto Promo Week 1

Congraultations to the lucky winner! The Wagerr blockchain drew the winner from a pool of 524 tickets.

Promo: Wagerr juiced the jackpot by 25,000 WGR

In an ongoing promo, Wagerr matched 250 tickets.

Wagerr's promo purchases

For full transparency, all of the Wagerr-purchased tickets are listed below. If one of Wagerr's tickets is selected, it will start off the next week's lotto by rolling over all the Wagerr-purchased promo tickets to make the jackpot that much sweeter.

Here's the winning address:


What is Wagerr Lotto?

Wagerr lotto is the first of the "Chain Games." It's a provably fair lottery administered by the blockchain itself. The winning ticket is selected from a pool of all entrants through a fully decentralized entropic selection protocol. The winning selection is processed by a randomly selected staking node on the network, then validated by network consensus.

The lotto results are tied directly to the same cryptographic security employed that secure the blockchain and is directly tied to the staking mechanism. No external variables are introduced, preventing outside influence. The winning ticket receives 80% of the pot in an automated payout. 18% of the remainder is burned, and the 2% residual goes to masternodes.

In true Wagerr fashion, everyone wins: the lucky ticket holder, masternode operators, and WGR hodlers.

Promo continues — Buy a ticket!

To particpate in Wagerr's next weekly Lotto, download the electron wallet (below).

Quick sync

If you want to get your wallet up and running faster, download a snapshot of the blockchain to synchronize with the Wagerr network. Check out this snapshot instructional video on the Wagerr YouTube channel.

Win an extra masternode!

Don't miss your chance to win up to an extra masternode as the August lotto promo continues. All for only a 100 WGR buy-in!

Good Luck!