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Top Match 24 adopts Wagerr

Wagerr has officially partnered with Top Match 24, a licensed online sportsbook that now accepts bets in WGR.

Top Match 24 adopts Wagerr
  • Top Match 24 sportsbook officially adopts WGR currency for betting

    • Welcome bonus: Up to 1,000 WGR free
    • Additional markets
    • Live action betting
  • Top Match 24 adopts Wagerr's unlimited liquidity to manage liability

    • Top Match 24's risk management strategy drives Wagerr’s deflationary tokenomics
    • More volume = more burn + more rewards

Introducing Top Match 24

Top Match 24 is a licensed sportsbook with a regional focus on Latin America, featuring deep betting content including all the football you could want. Players can engage in betting on over 20,000 sporting events with hundreds of matches each month. Starting this week, Top Match 24 will allow new users to register for an account then deposit WGR currency into their account wallet.


1000 free WGR signup bonus

For bettors in supported regions, Top Match 24 will match every WGR deposited 1:1. Create your account now and get up to 1000 WGR free.

Live action betting

Ten minutes left in the second half. Who will score the third goal?

The only thing more exciting than watching a game when you’ve got something at stake is betting while the action is happening. You're going to love live betting on Top Match 24.

Custom betting

Ever wanted to place a bet, but the sportsbook capped your limits? Top Match 24 introduces unparalleled flexibility through their custom betting service, Top Trading 24. Users can contact customer service through Telegram or webchat to propose a custom bet. If your bet is approved, you’ll get an updated bet slip.

Top Trading 24 is there for you when you’re ready to go big.

Higher limits

As Top Match 24 adopts the capacity to lay off its risk on the Wagerr blockchain, they gain more flexibility to raise their clients' betting limits. This is especially significant for the Top Trading 24 service, since Wagerr's unlimited liquidity gives Top Match 24 unsurpassed capacity to tailor a risk strategy to customers' neeeds.

Additional markets

Top Match 24 offers global sporting events with an emphasis on sports popular in Latin America. Top Match is also working on integrating an online casino that will also accept WGR.

“The partnership between Top Match 24 and Wagerr is a watershed moment for the gambling industry. By leveraging Wagerr's unlimited liquidity, Top Match 24 is now unsurpassed among centralized sportsbooks in their capacity to take on betting risk.”

—David Mah, CEO, wagerr.com

How it works

Starting Thursday, April 22, 2021, Wagerr users who register on Top Match 24 will be able to select WGR cryptocurrency to fund their personal account. To set up an account that integrates WGR currency, users must first contact a dedicated sports trader through Telegram or the website chat and complete the KYC process by submitting valid identification.

Driving Wagerr's deflationary tokenomics

Top Match 24 has done more than adopt WGR currency. They've also adopted the Wagerr platform as a tool to manage risk. Corporate sportsbooks can lay risk onto Wagerr by placing bets that balance their customers' bets. This reduces their liability, stabilizes their business model, and improves their profit margins. This strategy also increases betting volume on the Wagerr network, and that's what drives Wagerr's tokenomics.


This partnership facilitates discovery of Wagerr by Top Match 24 users, and vice versa. There's something in this for everyone. Sign up now!

True adoption vs. mere acceptance

A partnership like this is more significant than you might think. The fact that Top Match 24 accepts WGR deposits for betting and pays out winning bets in WGR is great. What makes it even better is that Top Match is invested in the Wagerr ecosystem. And since Top Match 24 is now driving value to the Wagerr network, they stand to gain from its success.Wagerr isn't Vapor, Wagerr is a solution to a problem today!

Adoption means having skin in the game.

Wagerr welcomes Top Match 24.