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Wagerr update: 03/11

Wagerr update: 03/11

🗣 Polis Nodes lists Wagerr
⚽️ Major League Soccer added
⚽️ Scottish Premiership Football League added
⚽️ DFB Pokal added
🎲 Wagerr betting volume over 9.2 Million
🏆 429 events in one week
🐛 Parlays move on to testing

Polis Nodes lists Wagerr

Polis Nodes now lists Wagerr on their masternode hosting platform. Polis Nodes offers competitive rates and has a growing ecosystem of services and use cases beyond their Masternode hosting offering.

David Mah, commented on the recent listing, “Wagerr benefits from having a diverse range of services supporting the Wagerr Blockchain. Services like Polis Nodes make the user experience of operating and managing a masternode easier, and that opens the Wagerr ecosystem to even more users. We are proud to be recognized by Polis Nodes as a project worth supporting.”

WGR burn rate at 2.38% this year!

The betting on Wagerr continues to impress with another 17.2 million in WGR volume over the past two weeks. Since the start of the year Wagerr has been burning 2.38 WGR for every 100 WGR bet.

Wagerr continues to scale

This week the Wagerr platform offered the most events yet in a single week. Users could bet on 429 events!

The automation built into the current blockchain design and Wagerr’s betting apps (Electron for desktop, Wagerr mobile for Android, and Wagerr Pro for iOS) allows the betting platform to grow in scale.

In addition to expanding the event count, Wagerr has tripled the number of betting markets.

New Leagues

The Wagerr platform continues to add more leagues and events. Recent additions to the platform include:

⚽️ Major League Soccer
⚽️ Scottish Premiership Football League
⚽️ DFB Pokal

Rugby League is on the way!

Looking ahead to the coming week, Wagerr will be adding the greatest game on earth… Rugby League!

More betting markets to come: Parlays!

Oh! And did you hear? Multi-leg bets (parlays) are currently in testing!? Be on the lookout: testing will be opening to the public in the coming weeks.

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