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Wagerr Weekly: 01/05

Wagerr Weekly: 01/05

New markets
⚽️ League Cup (Carabao Cup)
⚽️ Coppa Italia

New record
🔥 Biggest net burn

Starting with a bang!

Wagerr roars into 2020 with more than 11.1 million WGR bet across 249 events. This is the second largest betting volume to date!

Record speed

Wagerr ticked over the $15 million USD mark, achieving the latest $5 million in just 73 days.

NFL playoff event draws 1 million WGR

There’s been some big volume across the board. The biggest by far was the Vikings vs. Saints match. More than a million WGR was loaded up on the event. The Vikings held on by the skin of their teeth for the upset.

Record net burn

This week’s burn volume was an extreme outlier for Wagerr. The network burned 2.5 million WGR, significantly reducing the coin supply.

Welcome to Wagerr! League Cup & Coppa Italia

Wagerr adds supports for new markets:

⚽️ League Cup (Carabao Cup)
⚽️ Coppa Italia

iOS Betting

Wagerr’s iOS betting app is in the final stages of testing. With the iOS app, Wagerr will be available on the two largest mobile operating systems in the world. Wagerr mobile apps are lightweight, fast, and easy to use. These qualities make Wagerr even easier for new users to join the fun, thus opening a much broader market.

Get ready, punters!

2020 is going to be a great year!

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