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Wagerr Weekly: 1/26

Wagerr Weekly: 1/26

💰 New promo: Super Bowl Squares!
🔥 Five new markets: Check out the new leagues

Play Super Bowl Squares!

Wagerr will be hosting a squares competition for the 2020 Super Bowl. Each square entry is 250 WGR. 1Q, 2Q, and 3Q will each win 15% of the pot. The final score square will win the remaining 55%. Join Wagerr Telegram and pay your fee to enter. Have fun!

Click the button to get started and make sure you register with your Telegram username.

Share Wagerr

Super Bowl parties are the perfect time to share Wagerr with friends and families. Organize betting on the blockchain. Show everyone how easy it is to place a bet. Get your friends on board by helping them download the iOS or Android app on their phone.

More leagues on Wagerr

Wagerr continues its upward trajectory with more development. Not only has there been the recent release of apps for both iOS and Android, but now there are even more leagues and more ways to win.

Just this week Wagerr added support for a slew of new leagues:

  • Copa del Rey
  • Taca da Liga Cup
  • Belgian Cup
  • Rugby 7s World Series
  • FIBA Champions League

With more leagues continuously added, Wagerr approaches 350 events per week.

Burn rate approaches deflationary level

It was a good week for concentrating value with a net burn of over 300k WGR. This exceeds the expected burn rate of 1.5 WGR per 100 WGR bet. In the last 3 months Wagerr has burned about 250k USD, putting it on track to burn more than a million USD worth of WGR in just one year!

One Million Blocks party

Thanks for celebrating Wagerr’s millionth block! The main prize of 10,000 WGR went to a dedicated community member who has been guiding the punters to victory in recent weeks.

Congrats, Bet Like a Ninja winners!

Congrats to all who participated in the Bet Like a Ninja campaign! Wagerr is pleased to announce the three winners.

  • 1st prize: @disgruntledyeti
  • 2nd prize: @nquiry
  • 3rd prize: To be announced (waiting to hear from winner)

A week of major sporting events

This week is huge with the Australian Open, Super Rugby, and the NFL Super Bowl all being bet on chain! Stay tuned to see if the big events will lead to big numbers in the next betting report!

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