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Wagerr Weekly: 10/21

💥 *New weekly record: Highest betting volume in WGR* 💥 *New weekly record: Highest betting volume in USD value* 📱 *Mobile betting app is live!* 🎮 *New markets added: esports!*

Wagerr Weekly: 10/21

💥 New weekly record: Highest betting volume in WGR
💥 New weekly record: Highest betting volume in USD value
📱 Mobile betting app is live!
🎮 New markets added: esports!


Over $700k USD bet this week

Another killer week for Wagerr with over 10 million WGR gambled during the week. That equated to over $700k USD. Once again, Wagerr hits its largest betting volume to date.

Wagerr continues to grow in adoption.

You can see below just how fast Wagerr is growing — More than 3 million USD bet in under 3 months!

Total WGR bet on Wagerr platform: 11 Million USD.

It's not just the weekly volume that's impressive, it's also the rate of acceleration. You can see how quickly the WGR betting is turning over. The last 25 million WGR bet took just 20 days.

For contrast, The previous duration to hit this milestone was about 50 days. (Gulp.) Come to think of it... that's another record Wagerr just hit.

Last week (highlighted in red in the chart below) shows a remarkably consistent correlation: the more betting events offered, the more betting volume.

The record volume is a great achievement in itself. It also highlights the value of Wagerr's scalable solution. With the Electron app's automation, Wagerr steadily continues to increase the amount of betting events and markets.

Wagerr goes mobile

This week Wagerr released the public beta of the mobile Android app. It's a snap for new users. No need to sync the whole blockchain. You can get started in minutes.

If you've got a friend who likes to bet, here's a fun party trick. Get them to download the app on their phone. Send them some starter WGR, and give them the experience of how quick and easy it is to bet on Wagerr.

Mobile betting. Any time. Anywhere.