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Wagerr Weekly: 10/28

Wagerr rocked the World Crypto Conference in Las Vegas with the mobile betting app. The app proved perfect to demonstrate the betting platform. Wagerr soaked up lots of media attention. Keep your ears open for podcasts as they are released.

Wagerr Weekly: 10/28

Wagerr rocked the World Crypto Conference in Las Vegas with the mobile betting app.

The mobile app proved to be the perfect way to demonstrate the betting platform.

Upgrade your wallets to keep in sync with the mandatory code update.

The legendary Scotty Nguyen took home the bitcoin prize pool. And there's Wagerr right on the felt!

Vegas, Baby!

The Wagerr team spent last week in Vegas at World Crypto Con where it sponsored the annual poker tournament hosted at the Mike Tyson Mansion. Two Wagerr team members, Curtis Green and Mark Roddy, competed. They held their own against crypto OGs Charlie Shrem and Brock Pierce, and poker greats Lacey Jones and Scotty Nguyen.

The poker tournament was a great success. Crypto enthusiasts and sports bettors alike were thrilled about the decentralized betting platform and couldn't believe how easy it was to place bets on the mobile app. But that's not all!

The rest of the week, the Wagerr team spoke to crypto OGs, enthusiast and influencers about the revolutionary betting platform. Wagerr spent some time on stage and gave a series video interviews and podcasts spreading the word. Keep your eyes open for a lot of great content coming out over the next couple of weeks.

Mandatory update

Wagerr released an update that solves a sync issue. You'll need to update to keep in sync. Both the mobile app and the Electron now have auto-update features that make updating a snap. Masternode operators still need to update their Qt and daemon manually.

Trend continues

This week, the relationship between betting and volume remained remarkably consistent as you can see from the chart below. Last week is represented by the red dot.

Close-up on volume

The key metric that Wagerr stands by is bet volume. Bet volume drives value coupling, one of the key elements that makes Wagerr stand out.

Wagerr Weekly readers are accustomed to weekly charts, but zooming in to the daily charts reveals an interesting insight:

Over the last few weeks there has been a flow of nearly $50k USD of betting volume per day.

Now that the mobile app is in public beta, it's easier than ever to bet on the go.

Easy onboarding

Since the mobile app doesn't require users to download the whole blockchain, it's also easier than ever for new users to start betting instantly. The mobile app is the perfect device for new user adoption.

Post your picks

Thinking of placing your weekend bets? Post your picks on Twitter @wagerrx and there might even be a few free bets in it for you!

Wagerr mobile:
Vegas in your pocket