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Wagerr Weekly: 11/11

🏑 Hockey Promo: 💰 Win 5,000 WGR! 🏆 Wagerr sets another record! 🔥 Biggest burn.

Wagerr Weekly: 11/11

🏑 Hockey Promo:
💰 Win 5,000 WGR!
🏆 Wagerr sets another record!
🔥 Biggest burn.

Win 5,000 WGR!

Place a bet of at least 1,000 WGR on any NHL hockey event on November 20th - 21st UTC for a chance to win.

🔥 Straight Fire 🔥

1.3 million WGR burned this week. That’s 0.6% of the entire supply!

When there's a net burn, everyone holding WGR wins. That’s because destroying coins increases the scarcity of WGR, influencing supply and demand dynamics over time.

Wagerr targets a rough balance over the long term. Some weeks, the blockchain mints more coins than it burns to pay out winning bets. Other weeks, the blockchain burns more WGR than it mints. That rebalancing is exactly what we’re seeing here.

Actually, because a portion of the fee is burned, a modest net burn is favored over time. This gradual oscillation indicates that Wagerr’s economic model is working.

Diminishing supply and increasing demand is the winning play. By design, mints and burns balance out over time, with a slight edge to the burn.

Impressive volume

Betting volume this week was higher than any week between September 2018 and September 2019. That’s especially impressive because there were only about 200 events this week, as league play took a back seat to the European qualifiers.

Betting size holds strong

The average USD values bet per event is still on track with the rising trend.

Wagerr is one of the most utility-driven protocols in the entire crypto space.

Successful promo

Last week Wagerr sponsored a European Qualifiers competition. 242 bets were eligible for the draw to win 15,000 WGR. In order to qualify, bets had to be at least 4,000 WGR. What's exciting is that a significant proportion of eligible bets exceeded the minimum, with many maxed out at 10,000 WGR!

These promotions are a great way to attract more users and more volume, giving everyone a chance to win a few extra punting dollars (or build to a Masternode!). Got suggestions for future promos that will help spread the word about Wagerr? Share your ideas! Wagerr always loves to hear from the amazing community.

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