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Wagerr Weekly: 12/22

New record! 📈 Fastest 25 million bet in only 16 days! Wagerr Prizes! 🏈 College Football Finals: 💰 Win 2k-10k or more! Bet 3k WGR to qualify.

Wagerr Weekly: 12/22

New record
📈 Fastest 25 million bet: only 16 days!

Wagerr Prizes!
🏈 College Football Finals
💰 *Win 2,000-10,000 WGR or more!

Over 8.4 million WGR bet

Over 8.4 million WGR were bet this week on the Wagerr platform.

The number of masternodes continue to rise, now dancing around 3,000. With growing volume, oracle rewards make masternode operation increasingly attractive.

Betting volume continues to correlate with events available This week is marked in red.

Faster and faster

The rate at which the betting volume increases is an important indicator of the overall economics of Wagerr. For every 100 WGR bet on average we expect to burn approximately 1.5 WGR, so the greater the volume, the bigger the burn. This week Wagerr hit a total of 225 million WGR bets. The last 25 million was bet in a record time — just 16 days!

College Football Finals promo

The College Football Playoffs are in their sixth season and Wagerr is celebrating with a new kind of promotion. The punters decide the prize pool!

This year in the Peach Bowl, No. 1 LSU will take on No. 4 Oklahoma (Event 4587). In the Fiesta Bowl, No. 2 Ohio State will face No. 3 Clemson (Event 4588).

The rules
For every 100,000 WGR bet over the course of these two games, Wagerr will add 1,000 WGR to the prize pool. Ever bet of 3,000 WGR automatically enters you for the draw. Wagerr guarantees at least 2,000 WGR for the winner.

New Electron app

The new Wagerr Electron Betting App, Version 1.2, is out. The most exciting feature makes onboarding much easier for new users. The optional “snapshot sync” allows users to sync quickly by importing a blockchain snapshot. Instead of downloading the entire ledger of transactions since the beginning of Wagerr, users can get up to date and start betting much more quickly, shaving 8+ hours off the startup. This is a huge improvement for the user experience for PC/MAC users, making it much easier to introduce your friends to Wagerr.

Other features include the ability to set your timezone manually and loading your user preferences faster.

If the Electron app is already installed, it will autoupdate on restart. To download Electron for the first time or to read the complete release notes, follow the link below.

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