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Wagerr Weekly: 09/30

New record! 7 Million WGR bet this week. Wagerr reaches a total of 125 Million WGR gambled on the blockchain! That's 60% of the entire coin supply. NHL starts this week. New soccer markets start next week.

Wagerr Weekly: 09/30

BOOM! Wagerr did it again. Another all-time high for volume bet with the Electron app, and another milestone: over 125 Million WGR gambled on the blockchain to date!

New milestone: 125 million WGR total bet

It seems like just yesterday Wagerr was celebrating 100 million WRG bet. Now the total bet has surpassed 125 million!

That's 60% of the entire coin supply.

This rate of turnover is incredible and augurs good things for Wagerr's future.

Hockey! NHL betting starts this week

If you haven't joined the Wagerr action, what are you waiting for? Get started with the Wagerr Electron app by clicking the link below. MLB playoffs and the NFL are red hot, and hockey is just around the corner.

New markets coming!

Next week be on the lookout for new betting markets. Totals are coming to all soccer matches. Bet the over/under!

Volume & Rewards

Betting volume continues its upward trend. The data still shows a strong connection between the number of events available on the platform and the overall betting volume. With this high volume, Masternode holders can continue to expect increasing oracle payouts.

The chart below illustrates the acceleration of Wagerr usage by documenting how many days were necessary for successive milestones of 25 million WGR bet. When the line bends down, that means Wagerr is reaching these milestones faster. As Wagerr adds more events, and as user adoption grows, that rate should continue to pick up.

True odds make bigger winners.