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How to withdraw Wagerr tokens from wagerr.com to the WavesLite wallet

How to withdraw Wagerr tokens from wagerr.com to the WavesLite wallet


If you have not yet withdrawn the Wagerr credited to your wagerr.com account, you may now do so. For technical guidance, please consult the guide published at GHOST_URL/wavesguide. Follow the guide exactly to protect your investment. Only withdraw to a Waves account that you create, not to an exchange account. Withdraws to exchanges are not supported, and in doing so your funds may be lost.

IMPORTANT: Failure to adhere fully to withdrawal instructions may lead to permanent loss of Wagerr tokens. You must read and understand the entire document. The main risk is that users may lock themselves out of their account if they do save their seed and their password. Wagerr Ltd is not responsible for any loss if instructions are not followed. For assistance, please email:

[email protected]

Wagerr distribution
Following the ICO, intermediary Wagerr tokens are being distributed in the form of an asset token on the Waves blockchain network, under the name:

Wagerr 8t8DMJFQu5GEhvAetiA8aHa3yPjxLj54sBnZsjnJ5dsw

Users can trade Wagerr/BTC and Wagerr/Waves on the Waves decentralized exchange (DEX) via the Waves Lite wallet. Care should be taken to buy only the official Wagerr token on the Waves DEX, identified by the green checkmark in front of the token name. The tick means the genuine Wagerr token has been officially verified by the Waves team.

What is Waves?
Waves is an easy-to-use decentralized token issuance platform, featuring a decentralized exchange, which by default includes Wagerr/Waves and Wagerr/BTC trading pairs. It is easy to use, scalable, and has very low fees.

The team chose Waves for initial distribution of the Wagerr tokens primarily because it is easy for newcomers in cryptocurrency to understand and use. While we considered using Ethereum (ETH), we rejected that choice because ETH cannot reliably handle the network traffic, as evidenced by the recent network congestion.

What if I don’t want to use the Waves wallet?

  • Withdrawal from wagerr.com is optional. You may choose to leave your balance on your wagerr.com dashboard until the Wagerr mainnet launches in late Q4, at which time there will be a mandatory withdraw window.
  • If you do not choose to withdraw your Wagerr coins to Waves now, keep paying attention. Once the WGR mainnet goes live, you will have a limited window to withdraw from wagerr.com.
  • Wagerr Waves tokens can be sent to any exchanges that decides to list it in the future.
  • When the full Wagerr blockchain main network launches (estimated late Q4, 2017), intermediary Wagerr tokens on Waves can be redeemed at a 1:1 ratio.

Can I deposit Wagerr back to wagerr.com?
Withdrawals are one way and final. Please double check your Waves address before initiating a withdrawal.

Can I withdraw only part of my wagerr.com balance?
Withdrawals must be made in full.

Step one: Download and install the WavesLite wallet

  1. Using Chrome web browser, browse to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wavesliteapp/kfmcaklajknfekomaflnhkjjkcjabogm
  2. Install the Waves Lite wallet app

Step two: Launch the Waves Lite wallet

To find the Waves Lite wallet application, you can launch a new tab and select the “Apps” button, then the Waves Lite icon.

Alternately, select the Chrome menu (3 vertical dots) at the very far right of the address bar, choose Bookmarks -> Show Bookmarks Bar. Then the Apps button always appears.

The Apps button looks like this:

Locate the Waves Lite wallet app and launch!

For easier access in the future, you can pin the app onto your desktop by right clicking the application icon and then selecting, “create shortcut,” then confirming the choice.

Step three: Creating a new Waves account

  • Click “New Account.”

  • Accept the notice and you should see something like the sample image below:

  • Copy the SEED (long series of random words). This is the private key to the address used to store your Wagerr tokens. Securely save the SEED in an encrypted document such as a password manager or safely stored offline medium. This is the private key to the address used to store your Wagerr tokens. Without the SEED backup, you will not be able to recover your Waves or Wagerr tokens. You will also need the SEED if you lose your password.

  • Create a complex password and securely save it in an encrypted document such as a password manager.
    This password protects your Waves wallet from unauthorized access.

  • Optional Security Verification steps — ensure that you can recover your account!
    Verify that you have properly saved your Waves account details:
    a. Log out of your Waves account. Remove the account you just created.
    b. Import Account and enter your saved SEED.
    c. Enter your name again (optional).
    d. If you want to test your password, log out of your Waves account again.
    e. Log in with your saved password again.

  • Once you have entered your password you will be logged into your Waves account. Copy your new Waves address by clicking on it once. Below is an example Waves address (DO NOT USE THIS ADDRESS):

  • Log in to your account dashboard at wagerr.com.

  • Navigate to the “Withdraw” screen, paste your Waves address into the address field that pops up, and tap or click “Withdraw.”

  • After a few minutes, check your Waves Lite wallet. It should display the transaction and the Wagerr asset balance you previously held in your wagerr.com account.


  • Store your SEED securely. It’s important because as long as you have your seed, you can restore your account and choose a new password by using the “import account” function on the Waves Lite wallet. You can do this even if you forgot your original password. As long as you are signed into your Waves Lite wallet, you can retrieve your seed by clicking on the “backup” button at the top right of the wallet.

  • You can also use the “import account” function and your seed to set up Waves on another PC or mobile device.

  • If you lose access to both your SEED and PASSWORD you will permanently lose your Wagerr tokens. Wagerr Limited will not be responsible for any losses incurred.

  • Don’t be tricked! Use verified tokens only. Because Waves is a decentralized system, anyone can make a token with the same or similar name to “Wagerr,” with intent to defraud users. For this reason, there is a verified token system in place. The correct and official Wagerr token will have the asset ID that reads “8t8DMJFQu5GEhvAetiA8aHa3yPjxLj54sBnZsjnJ5dsw.” It will also have the green verified tick.


Official Waves wallets:

Chrome app: