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Welcome to the Wagerr Twitter Campaign.

Welcome to the Wagerr Twitter Campaign.


Help us spread the word about the Wagerr ICO. If you have a Twitter following of people who would participate in a great ICO, we need you to retweet our content.

The structure of our campaign reflects our goal. We value your time and your effort and we intend to reward you accordingly.

We will not reward campaign participants who merely retweet to themselves or made up audiences. Participants who don't contribute to the goal will be dismissed from the program without pay.

In order to participate you must have at least 15 followers and be among the first 250 to sign up for the campaign.

Steps to join.

  1. Have a twitter account with more than 15 followers
  2. Follow @wagerrx on twitter
  3. Retweet @wagerrx and receive 5 WGR (limit 2 per day, at least an hour apart)
  4. Sign up for an account on wagerr.com
  5. Direct Message your wagerr.com email (the one you signed up with)l to @wagerrx on twitter.
  6. Get rewarded at the end of the ICO for every retweet (max 1 per day)

Campaign will continue at least until the ICO begins, June 1st. Check back then! We may renew it another week.

Twitter accounts must have legitimate traffic. Campaign monitors are authorized to remove non-contributing accounts without pay if they identify tweet farming.