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WWGR Liquidity Incentives!

Wagerr will be airdropping WWGR to Liquidity Providers (LPs) proportional to the liquidity provided.

WWGR Liquidity Incentives!

Wrapped Wagerr ($WWGR) integrates natively with Uniswap decentralized exchange. Trade Wrapped Wagerr for Wrapped Bitcoin, Ether, or Tether (USDT).

  • No KYC
  • No verification
  • Swapping is live at swap.wagerr.com

Liquidity Incentives

Wrapped Wagerr (WWGR) will be airdropped to Liquidity Providers (LPs) proportional to the liquidity they provide.

LP Incentives Rules

  • WWGR Liquidity Providers receive rewards proportional to the percentage of liquidity they provide to the incentive pool.

    Example: When an LP provides 5% of the weekly liquidity across all the pools, the LP receives 5% of the WWGR airdrop scheduled for that week.

  • WWGR liquidity incentives will be paid weekly for up to 27 weeks.

  • LPs must provide a minimum of $100 USD in liquidity to be eligible for incentives.

  • If an LP removes liquidity during a given week, the LP becomes ineligible for the incentive payout that week.

  • A total of 300,000 WWGR will be airdropped to Liquidity Providers over the first six months of the incentive program. This amounts to about 11,111 WWGR airdropped each week. An additional 30k will be added to the pool for each million WWGR in the pool over 2 million and will be capped at 12 million WWGR.

  • The Liquidity Incentive program runs for a total of 27 weeks from December 7, 2020 to June 7, 2021. The distributions will take place the day after the snapshot. The first distribution will be December 15th.

  • Eligible pairs are: ETH/WWGR, USDC/WWGR, and USDT/WWGR. More may be added.

  • Weekly distribution logs will be appended to this post.

  • The team will be looking to optimize the liquidity incentive program over time and may make changes to ensure the program benefits all stakeholders in the Wagerr ecosystem.

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What is Wrapped Wagerr (WWGR)

Wrapped Wagerr ($WWGR) is a tokenized asset on the Ethereum blockchain that represents Wagerr (WGR) cryptocurrency at a 1:1 ratio. It's useful because users can easily move assets between the Ethereum blockchain and the Wagerr blockchain through UniSwap decentralized exchange. It's a big deal because Wagerr becomes much more tradable and discoverable, allowing new markets to discover WGR crypto and the Wagerr sports betting network.

December 14th Distribution

0x58fD375809350718fA97432566671D84C9CbFb72 68.33265
0x3f4F4F181A7Be030fa52E317AB529c1e99a4A55F 957.568202
0xe29999dC525a9b792939890b2d39c0d23C9d3461 427.306838
0xB9ff5B7Fbf7f4211C6fB8eD8Ab59Bf7F703BA9d4 645.060216
0xAfD02795c66f3576F466a7A30256a6E155a161Ba 61.954936
0x9DbaB0fEf899a50EF0540ec0Bc71D4a3A00c7916 279.708314
0xa010f4Dd0F9Ac7a2975F57EC2a671bB368D4C0Da 608.616136
0x65bb7646F17cf61271D55c2060eAa8e97CF6e94E 465.573122
0x2E31b0054797EDaFBB82b80F81e683E2dA67B1bb 237.797622
0x21eB12C79944FD891E57cAcDF9d20EE0FB8F4d7B 14.577632
0x4808ec16C10676302888c75c520fd392627827f5 64.688242
0xf82db708143E48A41Cf456b1A9660349018187d1 323.44121
0x784f1b69108E134da2F538b61B23bC695bF5B3D2 1640.894702
0xC0682d80Cb3c6BC921f3f4672f814B6B4d476A70 133.931994
0x79532A9262259fC38F687e956dF64720a750e917 45.5551
0x710E3772232cA9d8E9A0fAdfCD1406425c1179c7 136.6653
0xd983D90C9361b15D48eeFeaBeAF54f80f77BDAb9 46.466202
0xA82278Da4F4856e5661dca8BE2415E456021596D 2597.551802
0xf5B96Fc090A491C861C601f2b051FAE552194Aa3 259.66407
0x7fea507098657efec847910bf944fed367172eb8 1802.510308
0x4b6249f299f249451bef00359bd3f10ca365bd38 921.4413411
0xec8be7a02eee18ab0d37a689be1996c23bd4ae18 591.2890871
0x58fd375809350718fa97432566671d84c9cbfb72 673.6282637
0xb9ff5b7fbf7f4211c6fb8ed8ab59bf7f703ba9d4 622.826566
0x7fea507098657efec847910bf944fed367172eb8 745.7957992
0xe29999dc525a9b792939890b2d39c0d23c9d3461 509.1476348

December 21st Distribution

0x58fD375809350718fA97432566671D84C9CbFb72 3.91
0x3f4F4F181A7Be030fa52E317AB529c1e99a4A55F 55.775
0xe29999dC525a9b792939890b2d39c0d23C9d3461 41.4
0xB9ff5B7Fbf7f4211C6fB8eD8Ab59Bf7F703BA9d4 37.605
0xAfD02795c66f3576F466a7A30256a6E155a161Ba 3.565
0x9DbaB0fEf899a50EF0540ec0Bc71D4a3A00c7916 16.33
0xa010f4Dd0F9Ac7a2975F57EC2a671bB368D4C0Da 35.42
0x65bb7646F17cf61271D55c2060eAa8e97CF6e94E 27.14
0x2E31b0054797EDaFBB82b80F81e683E2dA67B1bb 13.915
0x21eB12C79944FD891E57cAcDF9d20EE0FB8F4d7B 11.615
0x4808ec16C10676302888c75c520fd392627827f5 3.795
0xf82db708143E48A41Cf456b1A9660349018187d1 18.86
0x784f1b69108E134da2F538b61B23bC695bF5B3D2 120.52
0xC0682d80Cb3c6BC921f3f4672f814B6B4d476A70 7.82
0x79532A9262259fC38F687e956dF64720a750e917 2.645
0x710E3772232cA9d8E9A0fAdfCD1406425c1179c7 7.935
0xd983D90C9361b15D48eeFeaBeAF54f80f77BDAb9 4.37
0xeC8bE7A02EEE18AB0d37a689BE1996C23bD4aE18 19.09
0xA82278Da4F4856e5661dca8BE2415E456021596D 191.015
0xf5B96Fc090A491C861C601f2b051FAE552194Aa3 15.065
0x330C56C9C86B159bf30a3af820d35B2A9D8d1460 13.685
0x3fD8DACd937C686b7Edf6975CafCA5C4bD8FE7d2 11.96
0xc584d6784f4A971815EE7891d460Ac138705bde7 4.715
0x4A9De51F3AFcA7051900766082aFd4cab6d65952 114.31
0x9c01243b34af2B60989EACB71420d33A70157b62 4.715
0x76047e2a5A789bE1D77a4d346Dc5913731A3AcB0 86.25
0xCbe97e84c8F640B1aF06BD151B6599709f86969a 4.715
0x83a9318478f0372C163Afa0d3b8A5C15c0A4a99a 102.35
0xb2EB6f3866a83d20b9DBCce86117BEC816FBaec7 4.255
0x0C43674f29Ca7FEBA30B80F99B40Fb029d0Ea9A5 11.27
0x9b518486861D32A514B737C4D22FB94CeBFdfd3c 103.385
0x4C54fcdDA454fFfA03Fd4B9943251A4c2863a212 12.075
0x4b6249f299f249451bEf00359bD3F10CA365bD38 37.26