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Wagerr Monthly

Wagerr Monthly

ALL NEW • Exchange • Sportsbook • Affiliate Program • Parlays • Props • Partnership

Be ready for The Big Game 🏈 Get verified on Beaxy ✅ Prop Bets! 5-leg Parlays! Invite Friends to Wagerr.com Sportsbook and Earn💰! Plus: 🐎Horse Racing!

📈 New Exchange!
Transfer cash from bank/card and trade on Beaxy Exchange.

⚽️ Sportsbook website!
The easiest way to bet on Wagerr.

💰 Affiliate Program!
Invite your friends and earn WGR.

🐴 Horse Racing!
Wagerr partners with Zed Run.

🏈 Prop Bets and Parlays for The Big Game!
The most fun you can have watching the NFL this Sunday.

No-limit private sportsbook

The release of Wagerr 4.0 ushers in a wave of adoption with the launch of the new wagerr.com sportsbook. Pros and punters alike can now enjoy private, unrestricted access to the global sports betting network.

The Wagerr.com sportsbook is beautiful, innovative, and fun. It's the easiest way to bet on the Wagerr blockchain. See odds immediately, track your wins, and place up to 5 bets per ticket.

**NEW: **Go all out with up to 5-leg parlays!


Trade Wagerr on Beaxy!

WGR is now trading on Beaxy Exchange, one of just a few U.S.-regulated exchanges. Beaxy traders can link their bank accounts, credit cards, and debit cards. Handling WGR has never been easier.

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Wagerr The Big Game!

Celebrate the most exciting Sunday of the NFL with prop bets, squares, and huge giveaways! Want to raise the stakes? Stack you prop bets on a multi-leg parlay! It's a Wagerr exclusive!

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Off to the races!

Wagerr partners with Zed Run, expanding the betting markets to include field events like horse racing. Become the owner of your very own digital horse on Zed!

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Wagerr Affiliate Program

When you refer friends to the sportsbook, you win every time they win! Forever. Kick back, enjoy some passive income, and introduce the whole world to Wagerr.

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