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Coinsuper Exchange lists Wagerr (WGR)!

Hong Kong based Coinsuper has added Wagerr to its exchange. Users can now trade WGR with BTC. In addition, Coinsuper supports fiat, multiple stable coins, and partners with eight US banks for deposits and withdrawals. This partnership adds important financial services for Wagerr users. Coinsuper is the Number One cryptocurrency exchange in Hong Kong and in the Top 25 worldwide, by volume. The prestige of the exchange matches the growing stature of Wagerr itself. Wagerr is leading the way in sports betting on the blockchain.

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Gaining Traction

Adoption has been steadily accelerating. Wagerr recently announced that 25 million WGR have been bet. Now, only weeks later, Wagerr crosses a new threshold with 30 million WGR bet. Wagerr is gaining traction in the sports betting world, and it’s gratifying to see that recognized by a growing number of exchanges.

College Football Frenzy

Wagerr will be offering betting on every single college bowl game this year, including the Bowl Championship (BCS) and National Championship. In 2017, Las Vegas sports books took in almost $5 billion. Sports gambling is growing at an exponential rate and it’s time for you to get in on the action. Wagerr offers secure and transparent betting on the biggest and best sporting events throughout the world.

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Reminder: Coin swap deadline

Don’t Forget! Wagerr.com accounts and the Waves Swap Gateway are closing. If you haven’t moved your balances to the WGR Mainnet yet, you must do so before 16 February 2019. Follow the link for more information.

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