Wagerr has come a long way since the launch of Mainnet. Over 18 million WGR have been bet on the blockchain! However, as development advances, support must evolve with it. Consequently, legacy services are being terminated and this has significant implications for some users.

Be sure to read this notice thoroughly in case it applies to you.

Wagerr is terminating support for balances on wagerr.com on 16 February 2019 00:00 UTC

If you never moved your Wagerr crowd sale balance from your wagerr.com account, you must withdraw it to WGR Mainnet by the deadline or forfeit it.

Please note: After 00:00 UTC 16 February 2019 Wagerr support will not accept any new requests regarding Wagerr.com withdrawals.

Wagerr is terminating support for swapping Wagerr (Waves Swap Gateway) on 16 February 2019 00:00 UTC

If you did move your coins from wagerr.com to Wagerr-over-Waves tokens, but never swapped them for WGR (Wagerr mainnet coins), you must do so before the deadline or forfeit them.

Please note: After 00:00 UTC 16 February 2019 Wagerr support will not accept any new requests regarding swap from Wagerr-over-Waves to WGR (Wagerr Mainnet coins).

One more thing.

Upon careful consideration by the Wagerr team, unclaimed coins following the deadline will be used at our discretion, in order to improve Wagerr's brand exposure through different means and/or campaigns of a promotional nature; to assist with select, proven, and trusted exchange listings & marketing initiatives; for burning them; or for a combination of these, and any other possible scenario for the sole benefit of the Wagerr brand and its supporters.

Hourglass depicting time running out

You’ve got almost three months... but don't delay.

The Systems and Support team has provided a very generous period for users to store their WGR balance on the wagerr.com crowdsale portal and the Waves token Platform. With Mainnet thriving, it’s time to bring those services to a close and focus exclusively on the Wagerr blockchain.

On the first anniversary of Wagerr mainnet, 00:00 UTC 16 February 2019, the Waves to Wagerr Mainnet swap gateway will be terminated and wagerr.com accounts will also be terminated.

A series of reminders will be issued on social media and community forums. But don’t delay. The clock is ticking. Withdraw or Swap Now.

P.S. One last thing.

Despite immense challenges in 2018 for many crypto projects, it was a banner year for Wagerr. See why 2019 will be even better in our Roadmap Sneak Peek.