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Wagerr Burn Report 8/5

In the first weekend of betting on the Electron, 220,000 WGR were bet across 10 events. Off to a great start! Net burn of 7,000 WGR. Ahh, sweet deflation.

Wagerr Burn Report 8/5
Net burn of over 7000 WGR. Ahh, sweet deflation...

In the first weekend of betting on the Electron app, the blockchain took in just over 220,000 in WGR bets across only 10 events. Off to a great start! Steady growth is expected with the listing of new leagues and tournaments to bet on every week.

An early win

With only limited events there is not a great deal that can be extrapolated from the Wagerr blockchain this week. This betting volume is still largely is comparable with prior volume. Betting volume is proportional to the number of events available for the week.

The chain finished betting in the green this week with a net burn of 7,125. This figure does not include the lotto burn of 9,432. Betting and lotto together result in a combined burn of 16,557 WGR removed from the coin supply.

Closing in on 100

Wagerr is quickly closing in on a milestone of 100 million WGR bet. With more events and users coming online, will this be the week we crack the century?

Masternode Giveaway

Wagerr is giving away a masternode worth of WGR (25,000 coins) to the lucky punter who guesses the total WGR burned (guess must be within 100). The competition is open to everyone in the Wagerr Telegram.

This week we had 163 entries to the competition but no winners this time. The closest response was just 1000 off.

The entry form is open until the 15th of August 23:59pm UTC. Make sure your entries are in before the closing date.

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