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Next Gen Sportsbook

Next Gen Sportsbook

Wagerr Sportsbook

Everything you love about mainstream betting sites. Only better. 

Modern betting sites, like Wagerr, offer incredible convenience

  • Easy to start betting
  • Intuitive to use
  • Instant updates

Only Wagerr adds the power of blockchain

  • Guaranteed payouts
  • Privacy
  • No limit betting

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In the beginning, Wagerr pioneered betting on the blockchain for security and reliability.

Now wagerr.com delivers all the power of blockchain to anyone with a web browser.

Easiest onboarding ever

Wagerr.com will be the easiest way to start betting on the Wagerr sportsbook. The website is familiar, simple, and easy to navigate. See all events instantly, filter for just one sport, or search for a single event.


Signup is quick, easy, and secure. Choose from familiar options like your email or social media account.

Or pick an even more secure option that doesn't even require an email address. Completely anonymous.


Wagerr pays out every bet, regardless of the size. No matter how hot your winning streak. Smart contracts pay out every time.

Bet U.S. Presidency 2020

No limit betting on the most contentious presidential election ever! The best blockchain sportsbook is now open for bets on the Trump vs. Biden race. Who you taking?


Wagerr: The Private Betting Blockchain