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Uniswap Liquidity Incentive Update

Uniswap liquidty rewards are now automated! Join the FARM!

Uniswap Liquidity Incentive Update

Update March 10, 2021

Uniswap liquidty rewards are now automated!

Join the FARM!
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The Uniswap incentive program has kicked off and we've seen over 120k of liquidity added to the pools so far. This is great but it was always Wagerr's intention to improve the program to optimize for liquidity.

Scaling up

Based on community feedback we are increasing the scaling reward from 30k to 60k WGR. This gives LP's a much greater APR as the pools increase.

Now there will be an additional 60k WWGR added to the incentive rewards for each million WWGR in the pool over 2 million and will be capped at 12 million WWGR. The potential rewards are shown below.


The purpose of this program is to create  deep liquidity  for users. By having three pools that are incentivized to add liquidity we spread that liquidity thinly across them.

Given Uniswap is capable of finding the best path to swap assets, it is more efficient for us to create one deep ETH pool and let Uniswap handle the rest.

As of Week 3 (December 21) LP's will only be eligible for the rewards if they provide liquidity to the ETH-WWGR pool.

We will also airdrop those in the other pools 500 WWGR to cover  the transfer costs should they wish to move their funds.

See the swap details and Original post here

Enjoy the liquidity and enjoy the rewards!

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