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Wagerr Electron Update

Update your Wagerr Electron Betting App. Bet up to 5000 WGR on parlays (multi-leg bets). Win an extra 10% on MMA parlays this Saturday!

Wagerr Electron Update

Wagerr Electron Betting App

The Wagerr Electron is a full node wallet that syncs with the blockchain giving you complete control of your funds. It's also a betting app. Place bets and parlays on the Wagerr blockchain. Update now!

Wagerr Electron requires manual update

If you're on the current version, you'll get a notificaiton that a new update is available, but you'll still need to click the link above to upate. The new version fixes auto-updating, so once you upgrade, the next version should update automatically.


Bet up to 5000 WGR on parlays using your choice of wagerr.com sportsbook or the Electron Betting App. This weekend, take advantage of a 10% parlay boost on MMA events.


In addition to fixing auto-updating, the new release makes a number of improvements under the hood and some that are user-facing. For instance, now you can edit your masternode preferences at the click of a button. Enjoy!