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Electron Betting App Release

Ready to bet? Wagerr to release Electron app: Sports Betting, Lotto, and WGR Wallet all-in-one! Buy provably fair lottery tix Monday, Aug 5 and bet on Premier League's 1st event: Liverpool vs. Norwich.

Electron Betting App Release

Electron App Release

Prepare yourself for a whole new Wagerr! On August 5th, Wagerr releases the Electron App. Electron is both a brand new Wagerr wallet and an integrated betting app. This release sets the stage for a vast array of sports and gaming options.

Everything you have grown to love about Wagerr is about to get a whole lot better. And, for those of you coming to Wagerr for the first time, you couldn’t have picked a better occasion.


Betting resumes

All the crypto sports betting that got Wagerr where it is today is back, and this time with even more sports, more leagues, and more propositions.

Out of the box, betting will be available in the following leagues:

Premier League (09/08/2019) La Liga (16/08/2019) Bundesliga (16/08/2019)
Everyone can check out these matches and place their bets right away. From there, the action is going to ramp up rapidly with more leagues and tournaments added every week.
Liverpool vs. Norwich

Bet on Liverpool / Norwich City, the first match of the Premier League: August 8th. Once it starts, the fun doesn't stop. Wagerr will feature betting for all matches in the League.


Hit the Jackpot with Wagerr Lotto

The Electron app moves Wagerr beyond the realm of sports betting. Say hello to Wagerr Lotto, a provably fair game of chance built right into the wallet. Fire up your Electron Monday and join the game!

Lotto tickets are 100 WGR each. The jackpot grows with every ticket purchased. Each week, a winner is drawn from all tickets purchased.

The jackpot is 80% of the total prize pool. 2% goes to Masternodes. The remaining 18% is burned, placing continuous downward pressure on the total supply.

Don’t miss your chance to win a nice pot of WGR for just a small buy-in.

Promo Juices Lotto Jackpot!

Wagerr Lotto is provably fair, so each ticket has an equal chance to win. Each ticket purchase also increases the size of the pot. Wagerr's gonna sweeten the pot for every draw this month!

Throughout August, for every ticket bought by the community, Wagerr buys one, too — up to 250 tickets per weekly draw. We’re betting that the bigger pot will attract even more players.

What if Wagerr wins?

With each ticket Wagerr buys, the pot grows. The downside is that Wagerr also gets more chances to win. Here's what we're going to do about that:

If the blockchain draws a winning ticket that Wagerr bought, then Wagerr will use all the winnings to jumpstart a massive new pot for the next week's Lotto.

Telegram special

Wagerr will be offering spontaneous weekend promotions on sports-betting, as well. Join the sports betting community on Telegram for special betting promotions this weekend and going forward. If you love sports and betting and some extra EV, you're not going to want to miss this. See you Saturday!

Betting is better on the blockchain.